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 Seq #ItemCompanyBUOBJSUBDescSysCdRow ID
Select0PTTOTO00001 11240 04377
Select1PL0100000 1300 Burdening Accounts09333
Select1PL0200000 1399 Burdening Accounts09334
Select1GLG1200000 999999999999Ending P&L Accounts09182
Select1GLG1300000 9200 Beginning Other Expenses09183
Select1GLG200000 1000 Beginning Assets09184
Select1GLG300000 4000 Beginning Liabilities09185
Select1GLG400000 4980 Retained Earnings09186
Select1GLG500000 4999 Year to Date Income and Loss09187
Select1GLG600000 5000 Beginning Revenues09188

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